✦ Anatoli/Tori (they/them) ✦My passion is making character-driven comics with themes of queer romance and found family.These stories are dear to my heart, and I write them to let out every gay little thought that I had to hold inside for so long.

Commissions: Open ✔I am looking for freelance work, let's chat!

WAXFELLOW (2020-Present)

The whole ship is playing hide-and-seek. The prize? Alma's magical arm. Ongoing webcomic.

Page Format: Waxfellow.space

Scroll format: Tapas.io

When I Was Me (2021)

Collaboration with writer C-Jay for the anthology titled "When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria" by Quindrie Press.

Slow but Steady (2019)

Digital submission for the Trans Validity Zine, published at Portland State University during pride month.

Iyona Meets the SKY (2019)

Forever thankful that I was surrounded by amazing creative friends at 24 Hour Comic Book Day.
I would love to continue this story one day!

Treading, not Running (2018)

Honors Thesis / Portland State University.
Special thanks to my advisor David F. Walker for helping to bring this project together.